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Sleek & Beautiful


Sandra Veillette

In a nutshell

Sleek & Beautiful

What are they?

Magnetic Artworks is the brainchild of artist Sandra Veillette. It consists of small works of art made from an array of natural materials such as wood, bark, mushrooms, plants, bones and feathers. Most of these materials are collected by the artist herself during long hikes in the forest. Each artwork is mounted on a magnet so that it readily adheres to any metallic surface.

Sleek & Beautiful

Artistic approach

The artist seeks to reveal nature’s inherent beauty by altering it as little as possible. She wants to highlight nature’s complexity and perfection through its irregularities and imperfections. Each piece is built around a central element that imposes itself early in the creative process. Additional elements are then added, arranged in such a way as to achieve a delicate balance between shapes, colours and textures. Ultimately, the goal is to turn a collection of dead elements provided by Nature into a piece that is vibrant with life.

Sleek & Beautiful

Interested in acquiring an artwork?

An online store is currently under construction. For the time being, contact the artist directly by phone or e-mail or visit the Québec Art gallery in Québec City. Frames specially designed to hold the magnets can be purchased directly from the artist.

Recent Works

Sleek & Beautiful


Feather bouquet in a wooden vase from the Eastern Townships

Sleek & Beautiful


Weathered willow wood with feathers

Sleek & Beautiful


Mushroom and its bark spiced with some fragments of peacock feathers

Sleek & Beautiful


Mushroom, antique rose in colour, mounted on a bark and accompanied by a white feather and jewelry