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Sandra Veillette was born in 1962 in Amos, Abitibi, a remote region of Québec known for its expansive forests and lakes. At a very early age, she develops her patience and observation skills during long fishing trips with her grandfather. Those qualities are readily apparent in her artwork today. At age 11, she moves to Montreal where she attends boarding school for several years. There, she is introduced to several art forms including enamel on copper, pottery and charcoal.

Always eager to explore new modes of expression, she takes singing classes, studies classic guitar and writes poetry as well as a romance novel. She eventually becomes a professional make-up artist for television. In 1996, she leaves her job and moves to the United States with her husband where they will stay for five years. There, she develops a passion for stained glass, an art form that she feels is underappreciated. Her stained glass pieces, which often feature birds or other wildlife, are characterized by a great attention to detail. They have been exposed in several art galleries, both in Canada and the United States.

More recently, her love for nature and her artistic sensibility have crystallized in a new medium that is now yours to discover. Welcome to “Les aimants de la nature”, a play on words that refers to the fact that magnets are used as a support for artwork created from natural materials.